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CO Man Who Burned GOP Card: 'My Vote Goes Wherever Trump Goes'

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said on The Kelly File that the Republican Party appears to be in a "lose-lose" situation. 

Megyn Kelly asked him about Speaker Paul Ryan's declaration that he will not accept the party's nomination and is not interested in it. 

On top of that, a recent Bloomberg poll found that 63 percent of Republican voters believe that the candidate who wins the most delegates should receive the nomination. 

Donald Trump is expected to go to the GOP convention in July with a significant lead in delegates, but may not have the majority needed.

Hume said if Trump does not secure 1,237 delegates going into the first ballot, then the delegates will be faced with only bad options. 

If Trump is selected, Hume said he will face a steep climb due to his "tremendous" negative ratings in national polls.

If Trump does not get the nomination, despite having the most delegates, Hume said the party risks alienating Trump's voters. 

"This is why I think we've got nothing in store for Republicans this year but a train wreck," said Hume.

He added that Paul Ryan and other Republicans may already feel that the presidential race is "lost," and are now more worried about keeping control of the Senate, House and winning state-level races.

Watch the full discussion above and don't miss The Kelly File, tonight at 9:00pm ET to hear from Kirsten Powers fresh off her interview with Trump. 

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