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Donald Trump's wife and daughter came to his defense last night in a CNN interview, pushing back against those who have criticized him as being sexist. 

Ivanka Trump said that her dad always conveyed to her a message of "empowerment" and taught her "that there wasn't anything [she] couldn't do." 

The mother of three also pointed out that her father has promoted women to the highest ranks within his companies over the years.

“I’ve witnessed these incredible female role models that he’s employed in the highest executive positions at the Trump Organization my entire life, in an industry that has been dominated by men, is still dominated by men, but certainly was when he was starting out in his career and employing some of these women and raising them through the ranks.” she said.

Trump's wife, Melania, said her husband treats men and women equally. 

"If a woman attacks him, he will attack back no matter who you are. We are all human. He treats them equal as men," she said.

Trump took heavy criticism in recent weeks for his retweet of an unflattering image of Ted Cruz's wife alongside a picture of Melania.

Heidi Cruz discussed that with Megyn Kelly in an exclusive interview last night. 

On Outnumbered today, the hosts weighed the impact of these campaign appearances by the candidates' family members.

Andrea Tantaros argued that Ivanka is Trump's "best spokeswoman" right now, while Amb. John Bolton said he'd much rather see the candidates discussing more substantive issues.

Watch the discussion below. 

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