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Trump Spox: 'Anti-Donald Trump Movement' Behind 'Rigged' Nomination Process

Nearly five years after Occupy Wall Street was evicted from downtown Manhattan, the leftist group is re-forming to boost Bernie Sanders ahead of next week's New York primary.

A coalition of organizers, labor leaders and progressive activists have plans to canvass for the Vermont senator and are expected to march for the candidate on Saturday.

In today's monologue on "The Five," Greg Gutfeld said the group is a perfect match for the candidate, "who spent decades living in a world untethered to reality or history."

"Both compare America to some fictitious utopia that if pursued becomes Venezuela, a place without hope or toilet paper," Gutfeld said.

"Neither OWS nor Sanders make anything, so they don't understand that wealth isn't spread by government, but traded by those who create it."

He said that the media treats Sanders the way they treated OWS -- "no vetting, no hard questions; resulting in a socialist, with no idea how to fight terror or debt."

Whether the group marches up or downtown, Gutfeld said, "the direction's the same: nowhere good."

Watch the monologue above.

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