Wallace Presses Obama: How Can You Say Hillary Didn't Jeopardize Nat'l Security?

'Kelly File' Fact-Check: Obama Claims Hillary Did Not 'Jeopardize' Nat'l Security

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee tells Bret Baier that "there was a concerted effort” to make sure that Congress never saw certain documents from Operation Fast and Furious.

“Republican lawmakers who led probes into the Obama administration’s botched Operation Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation are criticizing the court-ordered release Friday of related documents, saying they are only a ‘fraction’ of those requested in subpoenas,” FoxNews.com reported.

“We had to pry these out of the administration,” said Jason Chaffetz. “We need 100 percent of the documents to get to a hundred percent of the truth.”

As it is, however, some of the 20,000 recently provided documents show the Department of Justice and the ATF discussing withholding information, said Baier.




Charles Krauthammer reacted on the Special Report panel tonight, saying, “This is further proof that stonewalling works.”

“We can’t even remember what this panel was about,” said the syndicated columnist.

“They’ve succeeded four years in hiding this stuff. This will get the minimal coverage in the mainstream media, the story will be gone in a few days, and it will have zero effect on what happens in the real world.”

Krauthammer also pointed out that President Obama is “supporting a candidate who deliberately created an email system, so that it would never be found.”

Steve Hayes weighed in, saying he believes the exchange is “significant in that it gives us a behind-the-scenes look in just how far the Justice Department is willing to go to avoid transparency.”

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