WATCH: Kidnapping Suspect Uses Boy 'As Human Shield' in Standoff

Photo of Young Mom in Her Baby's Crib Goes Viral

A baby girl has been rescued in New Mexico after she was kidnapped by her mother’s boyfriend, sparking a frantic manhunt.

Police say a 9-month-old was in the back of a van when her mother’s boyfriend Lieghraughnzo Benally took off, leaving behind her mom.

That SUV was later found abandoned. The baby was still in the backseat, fevered and dehydrated.

Thankfully, because of the quick thinking of two law enforcement officers, the little girl is now said to be doing okay.


Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Streiff, the officer who pulled out the baby girl from the van, joined Ainsley Earhardt to share what happened.

Streiff said he was just getting home when a neighbor told him there was a strange car parked in her driveway.

The officer saw the infant in the backset and used his baton to smash the window. After pulling her out, he and a police officer fed the baby cold milk to cool her down.

“She was sweating heavily, and it was extremely hot, and [she] was really red in the face. You could see, the baby was definitely distressed,” said Streiff.

“I just thank our heavenly Father and God, and know that it really had less to do with me, just more being in the right place, in the right circumstances.”

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