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Two brothers decided their sister's wisdom teeth surgery would be their gain in the form of an epic prank. 

They quickly convinced her that zombies were on the loose in the area and that they would need to leave town. 

When she got in the car after the dreaded dental procedure, her brother played a fake CDC broadcast warning about a "viral outbreak."

"State and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism," it said ominously.

Then he called their mom on speaker phone and she yelled at them to get home immediately. 

Millicent, still feeling the effects of the dentist's anesthesia, was quickly all in on the urgent need to escape the flesh-eating zombies.

There are many highlights, but at one point Millicent is forced to choose which pet they will take with them on their escape: the cat or the dog?

"The cat, you idiot!" she screamed, reasoning that the dog was too old to be saved.

At the end, the brothers let Millicent in on the joke.  

One of the brothers, Cabot Phillips, said that his sister likes pranks and took it all in stride.

"She understood that we couldn't pass up an opportunity like this," Phillips said. "She took it in stride and just wanted to sleep once she realized that she wasn't going to be eaten by any zombies."

Watch the prank above and let us know: what's the best prank you've ever pulled?

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