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When Ted Cruz swept all of Colorado's 34 delegates in a complex delegate selection procedure, Donald Trump called it a symptom of a "totally corrupt, rigged system."

Trump's manager for the Republican National Convention, Paul Manafort, said on "Hannity" that the GOP frontrunner was pointing out how the process in that state was "abused."

"It's not that the rules themselves were unknown, it's the way the rules were applied."

He referred to a "number of instances" where ballots couldn't be counted because "the numbers were wrong" for Trump's delegates.

Manafort said the "mistakes" have not been isolated to Colorado, but seem to be signs of a "pattern."

"The thing is if it was only in Colorado, then you’d say that it was just unorganized, but we’re seeing the same mistakes in Colorado, in Missouri, in Louisiana, and so the mistakes are not really mistakes -- it’s a pattern."

When pressed to explain, he said: "A pattern of, at the local levels, abusing the amateur-ness, the enthusiasm of Republicans -- who want to participate in the process and are being cut out by backroom tactics -- that is the hallmark of the Cruz campaign."

Watch the full interview above.

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