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CO Man Who Burned GOP Card: 'My Vote Goes Wherever Trump Goes'

Supporters behind Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are now working in tandem in Arkansas, where they hope to block Donald Trump from getting the nomination, according to a new report.

"Trump won Arkansas' GOP primary March 1 with 32.8 percent of the vote compared to Cruz's 30.5 percent and Rubio's 24.9 percent," wrote The Washington Examiner's David Drucker.

"But Cruz's canny operatives, with Rubio riding shotgun, is likely to thwart Trump in the delegate election."

Drucker sat down with Doug McKelway today to explain more.

Though the Florida senator dropped out of the race last month after failing to secure a win in his home state, he has since been trying to hold on to his delegates, who analysts say could be put to good use for Cruz.

“What’s happening in Arkansas is Marco Rubio’s pretty influential and extensive insider network of Republicans is working hand in glove with the Cruz people,” Drucker said.

“To make sure that the Rubio delegates that they’re electing would not support Donald Trump on second ballot, once they’re unbound in a contested situation.”

Pundits say that this is a model that could be playing out in other states.

In Michigan, for example, Trump’s delegates teamed with John Kasich’s delegates to deny Cruz some key slots, noted McKelway.

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