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An American woman has been detained in Abu Dhabi for nearly two months after she allegedly insulted the United Arab Emirates in public.

Since then, the 25-year-old woman has appeared in court, and “is being charged with insulting the country and its leaders through verbal assault,” according to The National newspaper.

She has been jailed since Feb. 23.

In court, the newspaper reported, the woman said “that she was just waiting for a taxi when two men approached her [and] did not like the way she spoke to them.”

“The woman told the judge that she did not know why she was on trial and that nothing happened.

‘The men tried to help me. I had another flight to catch at 1.29am. I refused to engage with them and nothing happened,’ she said.”

The U.S. Embassy has not publicly commented on the case, according to The Associated Press.

“Defamation is treated in the UAE as a criminal rather than a civil matter,” reported The Daily Mail.

“Insulting the UAE's leaders, or the country itself, can carry a prison sentence and steep fines.”

Read the original local report, here.

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