Heidi Cruz sat down with Megyn Kelly today for an exclusive interview that you can see tonight at 9:00pm ET on The Kelly File.

In her first one-on-one TV interview since she found herself in the middle of the GOP presidential campaign, the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz was asked about her husband's likability, the controversial retweet by Donald Trump and much more.

Kelly brought up the critics who have claimed that Cruz wasn't liked in law school and that his Senate colleagues also don't like him. 

Cruz said that she believes it's a "misnomer" for people to claim that her husband is not likable. 

"One of the things that attracted me most to Ted Cruz was all of his friends," she said. 

"When you meet someone and you meet their friends and the people they associate with it even more deepens your conviction that this is the right person for you."


Megyn also broached the subject of the "unkind" retweet by Donald Trump that featured an unflattering image of Heidi Cruz.

Cruz responded that since she doesn't tweet, she was able to completely ignore it, but added that Trump has displayed a "pattern of behavior" when election results don't go his way.

See the full exclusive interview tonight at 9:00pm and midnight ET. Also on The Kelly File, hear from attorney Alan Dershowitz on the battle to clear his name following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Then at 10:00 ET, it's a must-see lineup on Hannity as Sean brings you the first Fox News interview with Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's convention manager. 

He'll shed some light on the ongoing battle for delegates and react to Cruz's recent victory in Colorado. 

We'll also hear from Rudy Giuliani and Rick Perry ahead of the big New York primary. 

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