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House Speaker Paul Ryan told a press conference today that he does “not want nor will I accept” the Republican presidential nomination.

Ryan said he was making the announcement in hopes that it would put an end "once and for all" to rampant speculation about his 2016 ambitions.

“My job is to ensure that there’s integrity in the process, that the rules are followed by the book,” Ryan said at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C. He said the party should select someone who "actually ran for the job."

Zeke Miller, Political Reporter for Time, said on "Shepard Smith Reporting" that Ryan seems "pretty certain" that he does not want to get into the race.

But David Catanese, Senior Politics Writer at U.S. News & World Report, said he's still not fully convinced "because we don't know what happens in July" at the Republican National Convention.

Watch Ryan's announcement above, and the analysis below.

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