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Indiana's delegates to the Republican National Convention who've expressed reservations about Donald Trump are now reporting threats from the GOP frontrunner's supporters.

Craig Dunn, Chairman of the Republican Party in Howard County who's running for Indiana's 4th Congressional District, said that he's been getting threatening messages on Facebook and elsewhere.

Dunn was among a number of Indiana Republicans who spoke to Politico, and issued a colorful, strongly worded anti-Trump message:

"If Satan had the lead on [Donald Trump] and was one delegate away from being nominated ... I might vote for Donald Trump."

That made him the target of an email from an angry supporter, reading: "You sorry (expletive)! I hope the worst for you and yours!"

Kyle Babcock, a fellow Indiana GOP insider who's on the 3rd Congressional District, also said in the Politico piece that Trump was his last choice of the three Republican candidates.

A message to him read: "Wrong side Kyle. Hope the families [sic] well. Your name and info was sent to me on a list that is going public. Think before you take a step down the wrong path."

Indiana State Police issued a statement, saying they are investigating the alleged threats.

"What I can share with you at this time is information has been referred to the Indiana State Police that alleges threatening emails have been sent to some Indiana delegates that will be participating in the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH," said Capt. David Bursten, a state police spokesman. "Presently the Indiana State Police is reviewing the information to determine if it may cross the line of free speech and could be considered criminal in nature."

Watch Jeff Flock's report on "After the Bell" on Fox Business above.

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