WATCH: Colorado 'Trump Supporter' Burns GOP Voter Registration Card

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A lifelong Republican in Colorado who gained national attention for setting his GOP registration papers on fire is now speaking out on Fox Business Network.

Larry Lindsey was supposed to represent his county at this weekend’s state convention. But when he showed up to support Donald Trump, he says he was shut out by officials, who only wanted a vote for Ted Cruz.

“I’ve been a Republican all my life. But I will never be a Republican again,” Lindsey said, in a clip that yesterday prompted response from Trump himself.

Charles Payne asked him on Varney & Co. this morning about officials’ claims that Lindsey never showed up for the county assembly.

“What do you say to the people who are saying, ‘You actually botched this’?” he asked.

Lindsey admitted that he did miss the meeting, “but it was due to misinformation.”

Ultimately, it didn’t matter, he added. “The end result was the same. I was disenfranchised, and so were the people that I was supposed to represent.”

The 66-year-old, who is suffering from stage four colon cancer, said he remains dedicated to helping improve the nomination process.

“I want to help fix the system, because it is so broken,” said Lindsey.

“My vote goes wherever Trump goes. I don’t care where he goes – my vote goes there.”

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