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Cruz and Rubio 'Working Hand-in-Glove' to Stop Trump in Arkansas, Pundits Say

One Colorado senator had a sharp response for Donald Trump after he slammed the GOP nominating process in his state.

Trump on Fox and Friends yesterday lambasted the state convention as being “rigged” after Ted Cruz managed to pick up 34 delegates.

“I’ve attended CO GOP conventions for years,” Republican Sen. Cory Gardner wrote on Twitter. “It requires organization and attn. to grassroots to win. Cruz had it. Trump didn’t. End of story.”

Altogether, the senator sent out a total of 10 tweets about the GOP front-runner, asking how Trump would handle the presidency if he “can’t figure out” the convention.

Gardner used to support Marco Rubio, and as of yet has not endorsed Cruz, Fox News senior correspondent John Roberts noted.

Later, Gardner appeared "On the Record" to talk about Colorado's "grassroots process," which he says has been in place for about a hundred years.

"Donald Trump has known the rules since last August," he said." He decided not to show up. Elections are won by those who show up, and Ted Cruz showed up."

Watch the interview below.

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