Ryan on White House Bid: 'Count Me Out'

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Charles Krauthammer said that House Speaker Paul Ryan today took the "first step" in pulling the Republican Party out of the "rubble of this election cycle."

Earlier, Ryan gave a press conference from the Republican National Committee headquarters in which he affirmed that he is not seeking the presidency, but would instead focus on his work in the Congress.

Krauthammer said on "Special Report" that the latter part was most significant.

"I think what he was doing, in addition to pulling out of the race, was to announce the first step in the rebuilding of the Party after the rubble of this election cycle," he said.

Krauthammer predicted that following the July convention and November election, the Republican Party will be "irredeemably split," and that Ryan was leading the Party from Congress.

"He says, 'I will lead with a policy agenda to reconstruct the Reaganite ideas that have been utterly leveled in this cycle.'

"I don't think it's with an eye to the presidency. He's young, he can run anytime in the next 20 years. It's an eye to holding the Party together, as in the post-Goldwater era."

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