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One California school district has voted to allow staff members to carry guns on campus.

The district says the policy was put in place to ensure the safety of students in case there is an active shooter situation.

William La Jeunesse reported on "America's Newsroom" that Kingsburg High School District, near Fresno, is just the second district in the state to allow concealed weapons at school buildings.

La Jeunesse revealed that up to five teachers or staff members can be armed, in order to protect the 1,200-student Kingsburg Joint Union High School campus.

"And personally, the expectation of the superintendent is, given the situation, you will protect staff and students with your firearm that you've been granted permission to carry," said Randy Morris, superintendent.

La Jeunesse reported that the superintendent will decide who carries, their identity remains a secret, and there have already been volunteers step forward.

Watch La Jeunesse's report above.

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