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Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Bill Hemmer on "America's Newsroom" today to react to President Obama downplaying the significance of Hillary Clinton's "classified" emails.

Judge Napolitano said that Obama was "a little reckless" when he told Chris Wallace, "There's classified, and then there's classified."

"He took an oath to uphold the law. The law is if something is marked 'confidential,' 'secret' or 'top secret,' it must be protected," Judge Napolitano said. "The law is also that the secretary of state is obliged to know what is confidential, secret or top secret whether it's stamped with those words on it or not."

The judge added that Obama may have a conflict of interest in the investigation, since the most sensitive emails on Clinton's server were sent to or from him. That means if the Justice Department decided to indict her, the president could be called as a witness.

Judge Napolitano said there are many questions that Obama would not want to be forced to answer under oath: "Mr. President, did you not know that you were sending this through a secret server? Did you not see 'Clinton email system' up there, not US.gov? Mr. President, doesn't the White House have something to protect your own emails from being put in a non-secure venue? Mr. President, did you know this was top secret and it was going to a non-secure venue?"

"He doesn't want to answer questions like that."

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