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ISIS has its own treasury, its own currency, and now reports say that it even rakes in up to $4 million per day.

The terror group makes its money from oil revenues, ransoms, and even donations, Pete Hegseth reported.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined Fox and Friends this morning to break down the findings.

“We have this mantra coming out of the White House that the Islamic State isn’t Islamic and it isn’t a state. Well, one of the things that states do is they control borders and tax their population,” said Gorka, author of “Defeating Jihad.”

“Guess what? ISIS is doing both of them. They have 6 million people living on territory under their control. And they've already instigated a taxation system on their territory.”

The jihadist group’s sale of oil on the black market is their most effective stream of income, Gorka added.


"We have to be honest about what it is,” he said.

“The big victory will come when we take down their ideology. But this is the richest threat group of its kind in human history, if we look at non-state actors.”

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