Judge Napolitano: Obama Was 'a Little Reckless' in His Defense of Hillary

Wallace Presses Obama: How Can You Say Hillary Didn't Jeopardize Nat'l Security?

In an interview on Fox News Sunday yesterday, Chris Wallace asked President Obama to weigh in on the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Though Obama said that Clinton had exhibited “a carelessness” in managing her emails, he defended his former Secretary of State, saying, “I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized America’s national security.”

“There’s stuff that’s really top-secret, top-secret … And then there’s stuff … that you could basically get in open sources,” Obama added.

Tonight on The Kelly File, chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge fact-checked the president’s defense of Clinton.

Fox News asked Dale Meyerrose, former CIO of the U.S. Intel Community, about the suggestion that some classified information is more deserving than other documents of the “top-secret” label.

He responded that even if highly classified information shows up in public sources, officials are still obligated to protect it.

“If I see what has been deemed classified information, no matter what level it is, in open media, it is my responsibility not to acknowledge it,” said Meyerrose.

In addition, Fox News learned that President Obama himself exchanged about 19 emails with then-Secretary Clinton using her personal email account, raising questions of a personal conflict.

“The emails don’t contain classified information, but still aren’t public because they involve executive branch discussions,” said Herridge.

Thomas Dupree, a former DOJ official, said that if there is any possibility Obama was “involved in what happened, he shouldn’t be making public statements prejudging the outcome of something he could have involvement in.”

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