Judge Jeanine: Hillary Can No Longer 'Tell the Difference Between a Truth and a Lie'

Bolling: 'No, GOP Establishment, We Don't Want a 'Fresh Face''

The Republican establishment, desperate to stop Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, is still working to nullify our vote, Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her opening statement on Justice.

“If ever there were a time to not take away our vote, it’s now – at a time when more people than ever are invested and voting,” said the judge.

“You want to keep your status quo – the one where one hand washes the other, and we pay for the soap.”

Pirro reacted to Karl Rove’s recent remarks, where the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff had said “a fresh face” might be needed to beat Clinton in November.

“You want a fresh face? Aren’t you the guy who kept bringing us one Bush after another?” said Judge Jeanine.

She also responded to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who this week refused to tell Sean Hannity “whether the presidential nominee for Republicans will be one of the top vote-getters – Trump or Cruz.”

“Whatever happened to ‘your vote matters’?” said Judge Jeanine. “Not only is that infuriating, it is un-American.”

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