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Customers at this Los Angeles pizza shop were treated to a very special guest appearance – not that they knew it.

LeBron James went to work at Blaze Pizza for a day, and managed to prank some customers in the process.

The hilarious video above, which was uploaded yesterday and has already been watched by hundreds of thousands, shows King James strolling in for his first shift behind the counter.

We see heads turning as the 6’8’' NBA star walks in… But no one seems to outright recognize him.

“I’m Ron,” LeBron tells customers, before meeting another man named Ron.

“You got a Ron and a Ron? How you doin, Ron,” LeBron says, shaking his hand.

“You look very familiar. Very familiar,” a customer says suspiciously.

“First day on the job,” LeBron replies smoothly. “I’m shadowin’. A really tall shadow.”

A customer pipes up, “He looks like Dwyane [Wade].”

“I get that a lot,” he says. “I’ve heard of that guy, too.”

Watch the amazing segment, above.

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