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Rove: 'Fresh Face' Could Be Needed to Help GOP Beat Hillary

“The #NeverTrump crowd isn’t interested in Cruz. They just hate Trump,” says Eric Bolling.

“That attitude will divide the party and ensure that Hillary Clinton is POTUS 45 in November.”

Bolling in his Cashin’ In commentary this morning said that the Washington elite are afraid that Donald Trump will “derail their power, influence and corrupt money train.”

While party leaders have various motivations to back Cruz – “the worst reason of all” is to uphold the establishment, who is hoping for a contested convention come July, said Bolling.

He looked to Karl Rove’s recent remarks as an example, noting that the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff had said “a fresh face” might be needed to beat Clinton in November.

“A fresh face? Are you kidding me? For 18 months, these guys will have worked 20-hour days for your votes,” Bolling said on The Cost of Freedom.

“They’ve left families behind, halted their careers to earn your trust and your vote, not to mention the thousands of staffers, aides and volunteers who have done the same.

No, GOP establishment – we don’t want a ‘fresh face.’ We want someone we’ve already voted for, because in America, our vote counts.”

Do you agree? Watch the full commentary above and weigh in.

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