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Nathan Boyer is only 13 years old.

But that didn’t stop him from saving a life when his baseball coach suddenly collapsed at practice one day.

Nathan's coach, Isaac Wenrich, says he “wouldn’t be here today" if the teen hadn't called 911 and performed CPR.

The player’s quick actions have left us wondering – should all kids be CPR-trained?

Currently, 26 states have laws or curricula that require hands-on CPR training for high school graduation, Sandra Smith reported.

Certified ADA instructor Carmen Rich and three adorable kids joined Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to show everyone how it’s done.

First, always call 911, said Rich. Then, she showed them how to lock hands at the center of the chest and “push hard and push fast.”


“We’ll get everyone on board very soon, but ultimately we have to start with the young,” she said.

 “When they’re young and their level of understanding is able to do it, start teaching them and be prepared for an emergency.”

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