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A Texas mom told Fox and Friends this morning that she pulled her two kids from an elementary school that restricted parents from walking their children home from school.

Bear Branch Elementary School, part of the Magnolia ISD, reportedly told parents that they could face a trespassing charge if they walk onto school grounds to pick up their children. 

Parents, like Wendy Jarman, say that the policy comes from a new principal who is going too far with her new rules.

Despite living five minutes away, Jarman explained that her two children could no longer make the short walk with her. 

Jarman has since switched them to a private school, since it was taking them an hour or more to get from the school to their house.

"It just wasn't a good situation for my kids," she said, explaining that officials cite safety as the reason for the new policy.

The school district, in a statement, said no parents are being arrested for coming onto the campus to pick up children. 

The district said the "handful" of parents who want to walk their children home must wait until all cars and buses depart. 

Jarman said parents have indeed been threatened with arrest by officers enforcing the policy.

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