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Hillary Clinton in handcuffs? 

The former secretary of state was asked by NBC's Matt Lauer whether she's worried about this becoming a reality after the FBI's investigation of her private emails. 

Clinton responded with a hearty laugh at the question about a potential "political perp walk"

"Oh my goodness!" she responded, adding that Republicans live in a "world of fantasy and hope."

"That is not gonna happen," said Clinton, calling the FBI probe just one of many "security reviews" that are being conducted. 

Bill Hemmer asked Judge Andrew Napolitano this morning for his reaction to Clinton's latest dismissal of the scandal. 

He said the former First Lady is sending the wrong signals to the FBI by continuing to laugh off the investigation.

"She knows it's a criminal investigation. She knows she's the target. She knows the government has an extraordinary amount of resources investigating her and she's laughing at them. Not a good thing to do," said Napolitano.

The judge said Clinton's aides have been called in to talk to investigators, which is the second-to-last thing that happens in a probe like this. 

He said the last thing that the FBI needs to do is call in Mrs. Clinton, predicting that that will happen in May. 

Watch his full analysis above.

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