(WARNING: Disturbing content)

WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Stomp on the American Flag

Do Trump Protesters Really Know Why They're Protesting?

Shocking video captures the moment a man grabbed a newborn baby and seemingly threatened to throw her at police amid protests over the proposed removal of refugees from a Greek port.

The disturbing footage was filmed in Port of Piraeus, where refugees and migrants have been demonstrating against plans to bus them to other areas of the country or send them to Turkey.

The refugee reportedly grabbed the child from a young mother, holding her above his head by her neck and legs and "brandishing" her at authorities.

The video shows the man roughly shaking the helpless baby while other bystanders and police officers try to grab her back.

Eventually, the infant is snatched back and can be seen being shepherded out of the melee. She is then handed to a woman, reportedly her mother.

Watch the shocking footage above and see reaction from Dr. Zuhdi Jasser below on Fox Business Network.

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