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A $15-per-hour minimum wage has been signed into law in California and New York by Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, respectively.

Unfortunately, the minimum wage hike simply doesn't make economic sense, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

He explained that two practical effects of the government forcing employers to pay employees more is that there will be fewer jobs and prices will go up for the consumer.

"The long-term effect, Gov. Brown and Gov. Cuomo, of forcing employers to pay low-end wage earners more than they're worth is putting goods and services out of their reach and causing a lot of them to lose their jobs," Judge Napolitano said. "Now, how is that moral or proper?"

He noted that it's an election year, so this is clearly a politically motivated attempt to gain the votes of lower income citizens.

"We'll see how they feel in six or seven months if they don't have a job or if the things they want to purchase for the family and they need are beyond their reach," the judge said. "The same government that bribes the rich with bailouts and the middle class with tax cuts now bribes the poor with minimum wages."

Watch his full analysis, above.

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