Watch Trump Protesters Try to Explain Specifically What They're Protesting

Part 2: Do Trump Protesters Really Know Why They're Protesting?

Last night, anti-Trump protesters once again demonstrated outside a Donald Trump rally. This time, it was in Long Island, ahead of New York's primary.

So, "Hannity" sent David Webb into the muck to speak with some of the agitators and press them on why they opposed the GOP frontrunner. 

Here's what they said...

What has Trump done that makes him a racist?

Border security is racist to you?

How else would you have security without barriers like a wall?

What don’t you like about him?

In the discussion afterwards, Webb said that Trump's protesters don't seem to have a "main beef."

"They repeat the same things. Here, they were angry, clueless and less well-dressed (than in Wisconsin)," he said.

Watch the segment above.

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