The #HillarySoQualified Hashtag Was Quickly Hijacked

Watch Hillary Struggle to Swipe MetroCard on NYC Subway

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been trading blows over each other's qualifications to be president.

Greg Gutfeld in his monologue on "The Five" that the quarrel between "leftists" over who's better equipped to run our capitalistic country is like "watching a can of beans argue the meaning of life with a box of mud."

"It's like me and Dana (Perino) arguing over who's better at dunking a basketball," he said.

"These two aren't even qualified to actually have the actual debate about qualifications, and they're not even qualified to ask you why."

He says the problem isn't the candidates, but the "millions of earnest supporters born and raised on myths and misconceptions about America."

"How weird to rule the free world and citizens race to embrace the doctrine of the vanquished."

Watch the monologue and discussion above.

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