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A Georgia judge has gone viral after her tough love message left troubled teenagers in tears.

"Stop being disrespectful to your parents. Care about your future, be somebody," Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin told the group of wayward youths. "Anybody can be nothing, it doesn’t take anything to be nothing. Be something, do you understand what I’m saying? Care about yourselves. The fact that you’re shedding tears means you want to be better and you want to do better. Do it, the only person stopping you is you."

"The way you're going, you will go to jail or you will end up in a body bag."

Colvin told Ainsley Earhardt that the speech, which has been viewed millions of times, was her way of trying to reach kids who she saw heading down a bad path.

"I recognize they have so much value, and if only I could show them their value, as opposed to what they're headed towards, that might make a difference," Colvin said.

She explained that the goal is to make them understand that making good choices is what will make the difference in their lives.

"I think it's necessary for us to reach kids. We have to be authentic, real," Colvin said. "They have to feel our compassion. It is my hope that by doing that, I will make a difference."

Watch more above and see Colvin's viral speech below.

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