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It took four months but thanks to a YouTube video, New Jersey police caught up with a motorcyclist who fled a traffic stop at speeds of up to 140 mph.

Anthony Darrigo, 20, wore a helmet-cam during the December pursuit and then shared the video (above).

Shortly thereafter, it ended up on YouTube and after a four-month investigation, police caught up with him Wednesday.

Darrigo's motorcycle, helmet, jacket, helmet-mounted camera, laptop and cell phone were all seized as evidence.

He now faces charges of second-degree eluding police with risk of severe bodily injury, third-degree eluding police and fourth-degree resisting arrest.

The officers were instructed by superiors on Dec. 10 to end the dangerous chase, in which the suspect sped through neighborhoods in the afternoon and then weaved in and out of highway traffic at 140 mph.

Once the video started making the rounds, the Pequannock Township police department said it began receiving tips from the public.

The first officer to spot Darrigo was attempting to pull him over for doing a wheelie.

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