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On "The Kelly File" tonight, Dr. Ben Carson called on Republicans and conservatives to "stop creating tension" between candidates that will alienate voters.

Carson was reacting to Trump detractors criticizing the GOP frontrunner's statement following his loss in the Wisconsin primary, in which he blasted Ted Cruz and called the Texas senator a "Trojan horse."

"People are going to--depending on who they're supporting--see everything in either a negative or positive light," Carson said. "And that's really the problem, because the Republicans, the conservatives, the people who think logically have to recognize that the stakes here are extraordinary high and they have to stop creating this tension between them so that people are gonna say 'I'm not voting for that person no matter what.'"

Megyn Kelly asked if it isn't just the "nature of the process" for things to get nasty during election seasons.

"It would be nice if we stopped it, if we could be mature," Carson said.

Kelly said: "Well, we can't."

Carson replied: "It seems like we can't. I know that we can, though. I know we have the intellectual ability to do it and to focus on the things that are important. And I think that we ought to keep trying to do that."

Watch the full segment above.

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