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A young Virginia woman is sharing the harrowing story of how she narrowly survived the Brussels airport bombings. 

The 22-year-old Williamsburg native, identified only as Kara, spoke out in an interview with local station WJHL.

She explained that she was set to fly home from Belgium on March 22 after visiting her boyfriend.

As she stood next to an officer at border control, the two coordinated suicide bombers struck.

"I heard someone yelling and then an explosion. Everyone was just standing there frozen for a second and then everyone just started running," she recalled. 

Kara said she then ran down a flight of stairs and hid with a Belgian couple in the stairwell. 

"The three of us [were] ... just on the ground, crying and shaking. And just praying out 'God save us, God help us,'" she said, pointing out that she had been in the area of the bombs just 15 minutes prior.

Kara said she believes God was with her through the horrific ordeal.

"I just think it's obvious He was with me and looking out for me," she said.

Unable to make a phone call, she texted a message to her mother that "there is a terrorist in the airport," and wrote her goodbyes.

A short time later, Kara and others were led to safety by a police officer. 

32 people died in the ISIS terror bombings at the airport and a metro station, with hundreds more injured.

Watch the interview above.

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