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A Florida driver and motorcyclist put others at risk during an incredibly dangerous road rage incident that was all caught on tape. 

Rone Gonzalez, 23, told WSVN that it all started Monday morning when the Ford Fusion cut him off, so he caught up and then smacked the driver's mirror after the two traded insults.

The Fusion driver quickly caught up and swerved across oncoming lanes in an effort to hit Gonzalez or run him off the road.

Gonzalez, wearing the helmet cam, then crossed into oncoming lanes in an attempt to get away from the man. He swerved out of the way as several vehicles sped by him.

The man in the Fusion caught up to him and spat at Gonzalez and took a swing at him while hanging out the window of his car. The men then went their separate ways. 

Here's what Gonzalez wrote on YouTube, defending his actions:

Please understand everyone, that I'm not an experienced rider, I will admit when I am wrong. all of this stuff wasn't on purpose but an attempt to get away, I didn't chose to get on to on coming traffic, he blocked my path on both lanes, I didn't want to harm myself or other people, which is exactly what happened, no one got hurt, everyone, even the guy goes home. a police report is the most I will do. no one got hurt everyone goes home. that's the end goal. if I was more experienced then yes it could have been differently. but I was in fear of my life, and panicking.

Commenters called out Gonzalez for previously posting a motorcycle YouTube video (later removed) entitled "messing with cars." 

The man in the car was identified by police as 30-year-old Dion Rosa, since he had called 911 while all this was going on to file a complaint against Gonzalez.

Homestead police are reportedly investigating the video.

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