Rpt: 'At Least 50' ISIS Supporters Work at Brussels Airport

Dietl: Muslims Are America's Best Anti-Terror Weapon

Only 2 percent of the 2016 TSA budget is allocated to surface transportation security, Catherine Herridge reported.

Senators emphasized that sobering statistic today at a hearing on Capitol Hill, as the panel weighed the possibility of an airport attack here in the U.S. two weeks after the deadly Brussels bombings.

“The focus clearly is on the threat from the airport insider,” Herridge said on Happening Now.

The TSA announced that they are expanding security checks for members of cargo and catering services, after a Russian passenger jet in October was bombed, leaving 224 people dead.


Lawmakers have also proposed a new measure to nearly double the number of armed TSA teams that patrol areas like the ticket counters of airports, Lea Gabrielle reported on Shepard Smith Reporting.

As the panel discussed strategy, TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger testified that he was at the Brussels Airport the same day it was struck with the deadly terror attack.

“We arrived right as the bombs detonated,” he recalled.

“And I’ll tell you, being there on that day, seeing the devastation, seeing the chaos of the airport environment and the evil behind it, was a stark reminder of the importance of the work that we do at TSA every day to protect travelers.”

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