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In recent weeks, more and more Donald Trump protests have gotten out of control. But who are the real aggressors, Trump supporters or the anti-Trump protesters?

A fascinating social experiment might reveal the answer.

Social media personality Joey Salads posted a video to YouTube that shows how differently people react to "Trump" and "Bernie" signs.

Salads, who conducted the experiment in North Hollywood, told the "Fox and Friends" co-hosts this morning that people "freaked out" over the Trump sign.

"They gave me a lot of middle fingers. They tried to assault me," Salads said. "They think that Trump is racist and a bigot and a fascist. And [those] were the main answers I got from these non-Trump supporters."

When he brought out the Bernie sign, on the other hand, the middle fingers became thumbs-up, and the reactions were no longer vocal or violent.

Salads said this goes to show that it's the anti-Trump people who are aggressive, not those who support the Republican presidential front-runner.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" interview above, and see Salads' viral video below.

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