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An Ohio police officer is being hailed for his restraint after body-cam video shows his intense encounter with a knife-wielding murder suspect who was begging police to kill him.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said that Officer Joshua Hilling, with the Glendale Police Department, will not face charges and "deserves a medal for what he did."

The intense incident started when Hilling spotted the man, who authorities identified as Pablo Javier Aleman, walking on an Interstate 75 ramp, Fox 19 reported.

After Aleman failed to produce any identification, Hilling asked him to place his hands on the cruiser for a routine pat down.

That's when Aleman pulled a knife from his waistband and advanced on the officer.

Hilling shot Aleman once in the abdomen, but that did not subdue him.

Aleman got to his feet and kept advancing towards Hilling, shouting "kill me" and "shoot me", in what appeared to be an attempt at suicide-by-cop.

Hilling kept distance between Aleman and himself, repeatedly calling for him to get on the ground.

Deters said that Hilling showed "remarkable restraint" during the confrontation, adding that he is "one brave individual."

Backup eventually arrived and other officers deployed a taser and apprehended Aleman. He underwent surgery at University of Cincinnati Medical Center and remains in the hospital. Hilling was not injured in the incident.

Several hours after the shooting, investigators discovered Aleman was wanted in connection with the stabbing death of his roommate in Maryland.

Prosecutors believe the knife Aleman threatened Hilling with was used to kill 51-year-old Victor Adolfo Serrano on March 17, but DNA results are pending.

Watch the dramatic footage below.

(WARNING: Graphic content)

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