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An eight-year-old girl named Heidi VanSumeren lost all her possessions, including her beloved book collection, when a fire destroyed her family's home in Blackman Township, Michigan, last month.

A second-grader at Parma Elementary School, Heidi was devastated because loves to read and loved her books.

Five days after the fire, children’s author and illustrator Bob Shea visited Heidi's school to read to the kids as part of Reading Month.

After learning of Heidi's heartbreaking situation, Shea sent out several tweets, and an amazing thing happened.

Authors, illustrators, librarians and Good Samaritans from all across the country learned of Heidi’s story, and they wanted to help out. Pretty soon, boxes upon boxes of books started to arrive for the adorable little reading enthusiast.

Many donors even signed their books with words of kindness and support.

To date, Heidi has received more than 300 books, a desk, a chair, a bookshelf and art supplies.

“It was a simple thing,” Shea told MLive. “She’s a sweet little girl. She loves books and needs books. I said, ‘I can help.’”

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