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Laura Ingraham discussed the possibility of a contested Republican convention on "Hannity," saying that the GOP should respect the rules and the people's will.

Sean Hannity asked why certain so-called "establishment" Republicans are publicly floating the idea that House Speaker Paul Ryan could end up the nominee, while there's currently a rule in place that would forbid that.

Ingraham said that the Party should respect its own rules and "proceed fairly."

"People are supposed to have a belief that when they spend all this time voting and waiting in line, caucusing and putting up posters, that ultimately it mattered," she said. "The brand and the integrity of the GOP is on the line here."

She said that in 1964, the Republicans "took their medicine" and nominated Barry Goldwater even though many establishment figures didn't support him.

"I think it's a much better course for the Republicans not to even entertain this idea of a third (candidate), Sean, and take their medicine. They made a lot of bad decisions in the establishment over the last, really, 15 years. ... Take that medicine. Cruz or Trump."

Watch the full segment above.

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