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An illegal immigrant could be charged with negligent homicide in a deadly car crash that killed a volunteer firefighter and his two young children.

Police say on March 31 in Wylie, Texas, Margarito Quintero swerved into oncoming traffic on on State Highway 78, slamming head-on into Captain Peter Hacking's vehicle. Hacking and two of his children, four-year-old Ellie and 22-month-old Grayson, were killed in the wreck.

According to reports, Quintero didn’t have a license and was in the United States illegally. He was previously arrested and deported in 2008.

Quintero, who remains in critical condition, will be charged with criminal negligent homicide if and when he recovers from his injuries.

A GoFundMe page for the Hacking family has raised more than $16,000.

Watch more on this heartbreaking story above.

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