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Bo Dietl has been under fire ever since he called for increased police presence and intelligence-gathering in New York City’s Muslim neighborhoods during a recent "Fox and Friends" appearance.

Dietl told Brian Kilmeade this morning that he's been labeled a bigot and a racist for suggesting that if we want to crack down on terrorist activity that's taking place in a Muslim neighborhood, then Muslim Americans are our best asset.

The former NYPD detective explained that could mean utilizing some of the many Muslim, Arabic-speaking NYPD officers in undercover roles, or by making it easier for everyday citizens to share invaluable information with law enforcement without hesitation or fear.

He said that the same strategies should be used across all demographics, no matter the race or religion of the community in question.

"When you mention Muslim American, everybody gets all politically correct. It's like screeching chalk on a blackboard," Dietl said. "That's baloney."

He said that if it’s politically incorrect to go searching for terrorists where we can reasonably expect terrorists to be, then political correctness will kill us.

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