O'Reilly Predicts Voters Will 'Stay Home' If Trump Doesn't Win Nomination

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The Outnumbered hosts unanimously agreed today that having Melania Trump on the campaign trail will only help the GOP frontrunner. 

Trump's wife, a former Slovenian-born model, spoke at length in Wisconsin Monday, then joined the candidate in an interview with Sean Hannity last night.

She touted her husband as a strong defender of women's rights, and joked that she is advising him to "stay away from re-tweets."

Here's what the hosts had to say...

Andrea Tantaros: 

Melania is a huge asset to Donald Trump. Women always civilize men and I think she proved it last night. ... He should bring her everywhere. She's like a little filter for him, a little walking Brita. It's gotta be a good thing for the campaign.

Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy (R):

I thought she did well and she did well on Hannity. I think there's a little bit different tone with a candidate who sits there with his wife. ... She should be with him all the time.

All were in agreement that Melania's suggestion of "no more re-tweets" is a very good idea.

Watch the discussion above.

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