The crucial battle for Wisconsin is on and Fox News will have the latest updates and results from the Badger State throughout the night. 

Join Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, beginning at 8:50pm ET on America's Election HQ: Battle for Wisconsin.

They'll bring you up to date on the race as the polls close at 9:00. At 9:20 on The Kelly File, Chris Stirewalt, Howard Kurtz, Scott Brown and Stuart Stevens will break down the primary and Megyn will talk to the Trump and Cruz campaigns.

Then at 10:00pm ET it's a live edition of Hannity, featuring Newt Gingrich, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and more.

Then at 11:00, Bret and Megyn will have the latest on the winners and losers, with must-see analysis and in-depth breakdowns of the returns and exit polls with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum. 

Heather Childers and Gregg Jarrett will have additional live coverage of the important primary, starting at 1:00am ET.

Here's how the race looks right now:

Donald Trump holds a big delegate lead on Ted Cruz, though the latest polls are predicting a victory by the Texas senator tonight.

There are 42 delegates at stake in Wisconsin, but it is not a winner-take-all state. 

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has maintained her big delegate lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders by a margin of 1,712 to 1,011. The lead is enlarged by Clinton's 400-point margin when it comes to support from superdelegates.

The polls in Wisconsin are forecasting a close race, with Sanders up by a few points.

After tonight's results, the focus of both races will turn to the April 19 New York primaries. 

On the GOP side, all 95 delegates will be awarded to the winner of the Empire State.

Watch a full analysis of the race below from political expert Larry Sabato.