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Republican National Committee Chairman downplayed concerns about a dark horse candidate sweeping into the July convention and running away with the nomination.

Priebus said on "Hannity" that Rule 40 from the RNC's 2012 rule book -- that a candidate must have won primaries in eight states in order to be eligible for nomination -- still applies.

But he refused to rule out Ohio Gov. John Kasich -- who's won only one state contest so far -- as a possible nominee, when Sean Hannity pressed him to say that the nominee would be either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.

"I think our nominee's going to be someone running," Priebus said. "And that's as far as I'm taking it."

Hannity asked how Kasich could win the nomination without "leapfrogging over people that have millions of more votes and hundreds of more delegates."

Priebus replied that he would have to ask Kasich that question.

"I'm not going to do something that's going to be an affront right now to John Kasich. He's a good governor of Ohio and he's running, and it's up to him. So, I believe it's going to be one of the three."

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