Trump Says Tape Clears Lewandowski: 'We're Going to Destroy a Life Over This?'

Female Journos Sign Letter to Fire Trump Mgr: 'This Isn't About Simply One Reporter'

Piers Morgan recently called out Michelle Fields on Twitter, urging the former Breitbart reporter to “toughen up” after pressing charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager for misdemeanor battery.

The former U.S. cable news host and editor-at-large of doubled down on those remarks Tuesday.

“I thought it was one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen,” he told Greta Van Susteren.

“You watch that video, and anyone with a brain thinks that that is some kind of assault or battery, they’re living in cloud cuckoo land. This was the run-of-the-mill scrum, which follows any presidential candidate.”

Morgan, a past winner of Donald Trump’s former TV show, “The Apprentice,” also praised his former boss.

“Trump’s a very smart guy,” he said. “Primarily, he sees everything in life through the prism of closing a deal.”

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