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Remember, Pizza Rat? Well, say hello to "McDonald's Rat."

A video posted to YouTube shows a large rodent scampering around a dessert counter at a McDonald's in Bangkok, Thailand.

The fast-food giant confirmed that the footage, which was filmed in a shopping center in the city of Hat Yai, is real.

It apologized to customers in a statement, blaming the incident on the unhygienic neighborhood where the restaurant is located.

"We checked security footage and found that the accusation is true. A rat ran into the restaurant," the statement read. "We ordered the restaurant to clean all of its equipment and the whole restaurant, especially the dessert counter, right away."

McDonald's said it learned of the incident the day after the video was posted and immediately ordered the cleaning and increased pest control measures.

Watch the disgusting footage above, and share your thoughts on "McRat" in the comments.

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