How the Back Room Deals Will Get Done at the GOP Convention

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There’s been much talk of stopping Donald Trump at this summer’s Republican National Convention.

But changing the rules could also swing the other way, says Jan Brewer.

The former Arizona governor, who has endorsed Trump for president, joined Your World today to discuss the nomination.

“We all know and realize that the rules are written the week before the convention begins, and usually they hold the line and there’s a lot of integrity in it,” said Brewer.

“I’m hoping that the rules don’t get jiggy-rigged around to make whatever maybe some of the insiders would like to see happen.”

Brewer said she is confident that Trump will get the 1,237 delegates needed to cinch the nomination.

But “if not, if he’s close to it, then I think that they ought to stand up and let the person who won the popular vote win,” she added.

Neil Cavuto pointed out that that would be against the rules, to which Brewer responded, “The rules can be changed going into it.”

“If they’re willing to change the rules in other areas, why can’t they change the rules to say those that are within 100 or 200 delegate votes, that he is the winner? I mean, these winners are not set in stone,” she said.

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