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Early exit poll data out of the Wisconsin primary has shed some light on the voting patterns of Evangelicals and Independents in the state.

Ted Cruz  is leading with more than half of the evangelical Christian vote, his strongest showing in that category in the race so far, and even outperforming his home state of Texas.

Independent voters can vote for either side in this contest, and among those voting for a Republican, most are going for Donald Trump.

Martha MacCallum also reported that the early numbers are showing the "deep divide" among Republicans.

Watch the analysis above.

Update, 8:51 pm ET: MacCallum broke down further exit polling data on The O'Reilly Factor, where she pointed to an interesting pattern emerging with Wisconsin GOP voters who are "angry with the federal government."

About 48 percent of those voters went for Ted Cruz tonight, compared to Donald Trump's 37 percent - raising questions on whether the senator is becoming "a palatable alternative" for people who don't want to vote Trump, she told Bill.

People who favored a candidate with more political experience unsurprisingly went for Cruz over Trump. But that should have been "Kasich territory," particularly given that Wisconsin is fairly moderate, she said.


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