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A former Heisman Trophy winner is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

Former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith was arrested over the weekend in Ohio on suspicion of drunk driving. 

The police video of the traffic stop shows Smith, 31, being unable to complete his ABCs and then stating that he "graduated from Ohio State with a degree in bachelors."

The clip begins with an officer approaching the vehicle and greeting Smith. 

"I'm officer, sir," Smith responded.

The officer then explained to Smith that he had failed to stop properly, was "weaving back and forth" in traffic and had no front tag.

Smith then stopped at the letter "I" after being instructed to recite the alphabet from C to W.

He reportedly had a blood-alcohol content of .143 and was booked on drunk-driving and marijuana possession charges.

The former Buckeyes standout played in the NFL for the Ravens, 49ers and Steelers until 2012.

Watch the dash cam video below.

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