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This video from a North Carolina animal rescue organization is simply irresistible. 

It shows the amazing progress made by a 5-week-old puppy, Holly, who was found with a crushed leg that had to be amputated. 

The shelter couldn't afford to pay for the procedure, so they called Adopt an Angel, which brought her to a local vet for the life-saving surgery. 

After a worker in the vet's office took Holly into foster care, the organization recorded her recovery. 

"Here you see Holly several weeks after her leg was amputated. She is THRIVING and her spirit and will to live is a testament that every pet deserves to live and to be loved," they wrote.

The best part is Holly making her way up a long staircase as the iconic theme song from "Rocky" plays.

Of course it's no wonder that Holly has since been adopted. 

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